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Jianpu Interface
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    In editor mode, in the top left(mobile device is in bottom left) Menu buttom can switch show or hide menu。

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    In the menu right Play function ,click play button then play music。

  • 3

    Music select

    When you click play button then pause button and stop button can use, and the buttons from left to right is Main / Chord / Drum can be selected, default is full open, and when you click button, the button color from black to gray means close?you can adjust by yourself。

  • 4

    Sheet info

    In the left to sheet info Rhythm and Accompaniment info?in th center is sheet name , in the right to sheet info is sheet author info。

  • 5


    Rumba is Style 4/4 is time signature In the left is original key ,click original key , you can change key。

  • 6

    Note range

    Show the highest and lowest note。

  • 7


    Click 113 can show bar to adjust speed。

  • 8


    Click ( Rumba 1 ) then will show menu to change other accompaniment。

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