Drum Editor

Jianpu add drum editor, The interface is easy to click on the beat to quickly input, and it is easy to complete the drum score. Try it now!
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Jianpu Editor

Jianpu Info is a web browser's online notation, guitar tab editor with fast text input and chord and rhythm effects.
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Interactive learning

Jianpu teach you to learn to play Ukulele from scratch, the interactive learning is simple and easy to get started, and you can learn to play and chord well from shallow to deep in the way of games.

Online Tuner

Jianpu launched a free online tuner that can tune a variety of instruments including guitar, ukulele, cello, viola, violin, and nanhu.Go to tune
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Jingle Bells / WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD / 小蜜蜂 / Danny Boy / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / Only You / CARMAN / 捕魚歌 / YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE / 四季紅 / Donna Donna / 野玫瑰 / 聖誕鈴聲 / 嚕啦啦 / 小毛驢 / OVER THE RAINBOW / 兩隻老虎 / 鳳陽花鼓 / 小星星 / 倫敦鐵橋垮下來 / MOON RIVER / 點仔膠 / 喔!蘇珊娜 / IF YOU LOVE ME / 妹妹背著洋娃娃 / 我的家庭 / AMAZING GRACE / EDELWEISS / 三輪車 / 王老先生有塊地 / 結婚進行曲 /

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